Stainless Steel Worktop Covers

manufacture and supply of stainless steel worktop covers

High quality stainless steel worktops in the UK.

Cover your existing work surfaces

Our stainless steel worktop covers are offered at highly competitive prices and can be fitted over the top of any existing laminate worktops. This solution is ideal for converting old worktops into hygienic, durable and low maintenance surfaces. These stainless steel worktop surfaces are installed and designed to meet industry and environmental health regulations, making it a great choice for any domestic, commercial or industrial property including schools and care homes.

Using industry standard products and materials and our highly developed skills, we can achieve excellent results. Our experienced team can provide precision plans and designs for our manufacturers to follow, making your new stainless steel worktop covers a flawless fit.ould be our pleasure to work with you.

Benefits of stainless steel worktop covers

Stainless steel worktop covers are a popular choice due to their professional look, low maintenance nature and their hygienic properties. As the name suggests, stainless steel worktops protect against all kinds of stains. This makes it a suitable choice for a range of applications including kitchens, school and commercial properties. As the process utilises the existing worktop unit, it is fairly straight-forward and causes minimum disruption.

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